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★ Miss Maia joins the crew! For a limited time use promo code
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★ Join the Subway Surfers World Tour in San Francisco
★ Surf across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and colorful city
★ Explore the lively city bay with Jenny, the peace loving surfer
★ Get nostalgic and add the new Pixel Heart board to your
★ Collect classic 8-bit alien tokens to win awesome weekly prizes
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i’ve also done a 4,794,060 (no Hoverboards/Keys/Double coins/MysteryMonday), a 5,011,279 (no Hoverboards/Keys/Double coins but WITH Mystery Monday items), and a 13,559,605 (no Keys) run, which can all be seen in this playlist:

Subway Surf almost 35 Million Points with No Double coins. This was the 4th Week in a row that i finished as rank 1st in Top Run Germany (week 94: 1st with 13,6 Million, week 95: 1st with 19,9 Million, week 96: 1st with 6,6 Mio.(No Keys), and this week 97: 1st with 34,8 Million). I did a 7 and half minute pause from 1:47:15-1:54:50, a short 30 second pause from 2:02:01-2:02:31, and a 1 and half minute pause from 3:13:56-3:15:23.

Keys: Yes (255 Keys = 8 Saves = 9 Deaths)
Hoverboards: Yes (~277 Hoverboards)
scorebooster: Yes
Headstart: Yes
Double Coins: No
Multiplier: x30
Mystery Monday: No
jetpack: full (4/4)
coin magnet: full (4/4)
x2-multiplier: full (4/4)
super sneakers: full (4/4)
Hoverboard: Daredevil (special power: Speed up)
Character: Jake
Location: Sydney
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